Healthy Chicken Flat-Bread Pizza

Healthy Chicken Flat-Bread Pizza

This is one of those easy, throw-together kind of lunches that Andrew and I really enjoy making. Although we make new dishes constantly, we tend to fall back on this tried-and-true meal because it never fails and always is fun to make. All you really have to do is just put whatever you want on top of some flat bread and put it under the broiler and then BAM! You got pizza! 

The ingredients listed are really just what we like to put on our pizzas, sometimes we go outside the box (the pizza box, that is haha) and try new things on our flat bread. The options are endless! Enjoy and have a wonderful Friday everyone!



Healthy Chicken Flat-Bread Pizza

Healthy Chicken Pita Pizza (1 of 1)


Here’s what you’ll need:

Flat bread (or you can use pita bread, I’ve done that before, works just fine)
Homemade pizza sauce, your preferred amount
Shredded white cheese of any kind, your preferred amount
Red onion, chopped finely
Red bell pepper, chopped finely
Shredded chicken, tossed with a marination of your choice (I like to toss mine in a little bit of ranch and liquid smoke for a bit of flavor!)


1. Preheat your oven to high broil

2. Spoon on as much pizza sauce as you like on your flat bread, sprinkle on some cheese, and place on a cookie sheet. Slide in the oven for the cheese to melt, don’t walk away because this will happen quickly! A minute at most, then take it out to put on the rest of the toppings.

3. Add chopped vegetables, shredded chicken, and top with more cheese. Put back in the oven until melted and heated through. Enjoy!

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